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Motivational interviewing is a highly constructive treatment that alters negative behavioral patterns in individuals with mental illness or drug addiction. While every person’s struggle requires unique approaches, medically administered motivational sessions have diversifiable efficacy in mental health treatment and addiction disorders. If you lack the hope, confidence, determination, or direction to make progress in your struggles, the following motivational treatment details are the lifeline you’ve been waiting for.
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What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational therapy is a communication-based treatment centered around focusing on honing personal strengths to accomplish treatment goals while improving therapist-identified weaknesses. Treatment is conducted through questions about your background, and a deep dive into your strengths and weaknesses, among other personalized questioning techniques. This allows you and your appointed expert to get to know one another on a deeper level. These sessions take you through an unforgettable journey of enlightenment, self-discovery, and mental fortitude reinforcement. Throughout the process, therapists help you maintain a confident outlook through unwavering support, encouragement, and mental training practices.

What are the Core Elements of Motivational Interviewing?

The core elements of motivational interviewing are widely variable depending on individual facility standards. Breakwater Behavioral Health treatment experts utilize only the most productive core elements to make motivation-based therapy one of the most powerful treatment practices. It takes effort from both the patient and the therapist to make the following elements possible.

This is specifically noted as collective listening because it involves you and your behavioral health expert listening to one another. In your therapist’s case, this means listening to your personal story, the depth of your battle, and all other mental health-related information. On your behalf, this means being open to listening to your therapist’s suggestions, treatment method implementations, and individual willingness to change.

Put simply, mental collaboration is combining your thoughts, ideas, and efforts on how to make the necessary changes with the gathered perspective of your therapist. Their perspective is gathered from the previously mentioned key element of listening to your identifiable triggers, behavioral patterns, and behavioral health history. This core element depends on “borrowing minds”, meaning you utilize your ideas with the recommendations and implementations of your behavioral therapist. Together you’ll find a formula that works to improve behavioral impulses that help you rise above mental health and substance abuse disorders.

The only way to make the necessary changes is to come to terms with your current mental health or addiction state. Our sympathetic team has already accepted you for who you are and where you came from without any predicated judgment. Now it’s up to you to accept yourself. There’s no shame in having a struggle that roughly over one hundred million adults battle collectively between mental health and substance disorders. Once you’ve accepted the state of your condition, you can move on understanding you don’t have to be alone in your battle.

Breakwater Behavioral Health specializes in bringing out your inner strength to conquer addiction and mental health struggles. That’s why we utilize meticulous medically-based mental training exercises to bring out the strength waiting to be discovered in you. Talk to a behavioral health expert to discover your inner strength and let our therapists bring out the best in you.

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How Does Motivational Interviewing Improve Mental Health?

Positive Mental Reinforcement

Most people who battle mental health conditions struggle to think positively, especially with little to no motivational support. That’s where our highly-trained specialists come in, utilizing top-notch DBT treatment to help you achieve and maintain positive mental fortitude. This one factor alone can fend off depression, and anxiety, among other stress-related disorders. Now is the greatest opportunity to reclaim your life and mental fortitude by reaching out to our caring representatives today.

Full-Spectrum Support Structure

These personalized communication-based give you complete access to a behavioral support specialist. This enables you to reach out in your most dire times of need. In addition to therapeutic support, we go the extra mile to establish a solid support foundation by getting your loved ones involved. This consists of family-therapist consultation to train you and your loved ones how to communicate positively and proactively through hard times. The aforementioned factors are just the tip of the iceberg of how we provide full-spectrum support for your mental health needs.

Therapeutic Mentorship

Motivational therapy at Breakwater Behavioral Health supplies you with the most personalized guide possible in your most dire times of need. These communication-based sessions enable our specialists to guide you through the most difficult symptoms and episodes of mental health conditions. We take pride in being your designated mentor through your darkest times. We understand the burdensome struggles of mental health disorders and are happy to guide you every step of the way. In turn, you’ll have the utmost comfort with one of our motivational specialists as a part of your extended family.

Instilled Thought Clarity

People who struggle with mental health are some of the most intelligent people. Yet, that creative intellect is often utilized to overthink numerous unlikely or self-created scenarios, clouding logical perspective. Our therapeutic specialists help perpetually refocus your mind on the realities of the present without clouding your thoughts or better judgment. Better yet, we train you how to maintain these perspectives independently without the need for repetitive consultation.

Self-Motivation and Discovery

People who undergo motivational therapy learn so much about themselves and the true nature of their struggle. Correlatively, getting to know yourself is intricate in handling any curve balls life throws your way. This path of self-discovery, in turn, leads to finding one’s inner strength and the self-help tools to overcome any obstacles. This ultimately leads to a better quality of life with a new, happier you taking control of your thoughts, your life, and your future.

Which Mental Health Conditions Does Motivational Therapy Treat?

Motivational interviewing covers the majority of mental illnesses including treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, and substance use disorders. There is no limit to what motivation-based treatment can help you accomplish and overcome in your life. For more information regarding the full extent of Breakwater Behavioral Health’s treatment approach, reach out to an on-site representative now.

Breakwater Behavioral Health Offers Motivational Interviewing

If you’ve desired to make some changes in your life that have seemed insurmountable, we have all the tools you need to overcome those challenges. Breakwater Behavioral Health will reignite your motivation and extinguish the discouragement you’ve encountered in prior attempts. We are in the life-changing business and we look forward to helping you find the strength you’ve always had to gain the life you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to begin a journey that can change your life.
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